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Here are several ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Birds and Deep Blue Sky of Ireland...
We're warming for St. Patrick's Day with flowing whiskey on show #399 of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. Celtic music from Beyond the Pale, Clan Celtica, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Ella Roberts, GregRobin Smith & The Washington Shakespeare Festival, Celtic Woman, Keith Hinchliffe, Irish Whispa, Bonnie Rideout, Bangers and Mash, Rose Rock, The Fighting Jamesons, The Hallions, The Lost Boys.

Give it a listen.

And get ready for next week's 3-Hour St Patrick's Day music special!

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Celtic Heroes & Musical Legends....
Inspiration is a funny friend. It finds you and guides you. It takes you to strange and wonderful places. It introduces you to heroes. Celtic bands mentioned in this show: Screeched Inn, Kilt, Spirit of the West, Great Big Sea, Flogging Molly, Koady and Tim Chaisson, Jake Charron, East Pointers, NUA, 10 Strings and a Goat Skin, Andrea Beaton, Syr, Stout Pounders and LOTS more!

Listen to Pub Songs Podcast!

Brexit, the View from Here...
Imagine after years of playing well together as a group, one country wants to take its ball and go home. And the cost of leaving the group is high. In effect, the UK has decided it is no longer happy with being a part of the European Union and wants to fend for itself. The British believe they can make better deals for England on their own, than by being part of a trade union. They put that to a vote... Listen to Erin's Isle.

Now we're cooking...
If you’ve never been to Ireland you likely expect that what you’ll find here is corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, turnips and more potatoes. Boy are you wrong! Listen to Erin's Isle.

Temple Bar TradFest Tips...
Join Jody as she reminisces about Temple Bar TradFest with Francesca Mazurkiewicz of Roots Music Rambler. Hear about stand-out TradFest performers, tips to keep in mind as you plan your trip, and a few places in Dublin you shouldn’t miss when you visit. Listen to Ireland Family Vacations Podcast.

New Celtic Music...
New Celtic CDs from Hunt the Hare, Liz Carroll & Jake Charron, Broken Whistle, The Homegrown Collective, Withe & Stone, Paul Anderson, and Daridel.  Find links here.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
February 28, 2019



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