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Here are several ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Birds and Deep Blue Sky of Ireland...
Birds Fly in the Deep Blue Sky of Ireland on show #398 of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. Celtic music from Dylan Foley, Poitin, Bannal, Forkroot, Spirited Lads, The Blackfoot Brothers, The Gothard Sisters, IONA, The Persephone Pickers, Ballinloch, Dun Aengus, Brynmor, Fathom, The Wild Irish Roses, Celtica Pipes Rock, Wolf & Clover.

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Marc at a Pub and Online...
First, I want to thank everyone who added "When She Held Me In Her Arms" to their Spotify librarys and is now listening to the Top Irish & Celtic Music playlist. My track is doing better than many other recent releases. Very cool!

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Irish American....
If it wasn't for America, the traditional music of Ireland might no longer exist. America saved Irish music. That's the premise behind my 2014 album I recorded with Jamie Haeuser, How America Saved Irish Music.

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Celebrating Tractors & Saving Donkeys... in Ireland...
I know it sounds like a strange combination but tractors and donkeys are more connected than you might realize. The tractors that fueled Ireland’s agricultural economy put the donkeys out of work. And no one knows that story better than Austin O’Sullivan. He’s documented that change with a truly amazing museum that is housed in the outbuildings of a castle. And to take care of the an overwhelming overpopulation of donkeys no longer in service, in stepped the Donkey Sanctuary. Listen to Erin's Isle.

Vintage Tea Tours in Dublin...
Afternoon tea is a much loved tradition in Ireland. Karen Nixon has transformed this tradition into a Dublin afternoon tea experience aboard a vintage bus. Listen to Ireland Family Vacations.

Tips for choosing a rental car in Ireland...
Here are the Irish Fireside tips for choosing the right car rental company when planning your trip to Ireland. Watch.

Copperplate Celtic...
There's a new episode of the Copperplate podcast. Music from Paddy Glackin, Daithi Gormley, Danu, Colum Sands, Gerry O'Cnnor, Paddy Keenan and more. Listen.

New Celtic Music...
New Celtic CDs from Hunt the Hare, Liz Carroll & Jake Charron, Broken Whistle, The Homegrown Collective, Withe & Stone, Paul Anderson, and Daridel.  Find links here.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
February 21, 2019



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