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Here are several ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Irish Fire...
The Irish fire will burn bright in show #395 of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. 

Dram & Go, Poitin, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller, Scooter Muse, Athena Tergis, The John Byrne Band, Marc Gunn, Jamie Laval, Ashley Broder, Tami Curtis music, Syncopaths, Syr, Ockham's Razor, Rathkeltair, Jiggernaut, Melanie Gruben

Give it a listen.

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Marc Gunn MP3 and Special Offer...
You will hear my newest single, "When She Held Me In Her Arms" in today's podcast. It's a beautiful love song, just in time for Valentine's Day. Download it free here.

Tomorrow, I launch a Special Offer on my Patreon page to promote my next album. Heroes is an album that celebrates the people who make a difference in the lives of musicians. It's also the name I give to my patrons who pledge $10+ per month.

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Patronage in the 21st century is changing the lives of musicians around the world. If you don't join me on Patreon, there are countless other Celtic musicians running similar campaigns. Support your favorite Celtic musician today!

Foot Stompin' Scottish music...
The Foot Stompin’ podcast is back for 2019 with a great lineup of albums old and new from the Scottish trad music scene. Feat Deaf Shepherd, Claire Hastings, Lau, Mairearad and Anna, Julie Fowlis, Dallahan, Fara, Iona Fyfe, Sineag MacIntyre, Ross Ainslie and Malcolm Jones, Brian McAlpine, Christine Kydd and Eriska. Listen.

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The Friendliest Castle in Connemara...
Built in 1832, the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel in Connemara is not only gorgeous and luxurious, it is filled with fun. Built by John Darcy as a get away from Galway. He actually built his own castle just up the road from where Glenabbey sits, and let his minister live in the castle now known as Glenabbey. It served as an orphanage during the famine years. Listen on Erin's Isle.

New Celtic Music...
New Celtic CDs from Andrei Krylov & Lana Ross, Ailsa Villegas - Singer, Catalpa, Karl Jones, and Fiddle & Harp. Find links here.

Sponsoring Savannah Irish Festival...
The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is a proud sponsor of the Savannah Irish Festival. 10% of all the profits made by the podcast goes toward supporting Celtic non-profits. Usually I look for small Celtic festivals where we can do the most good and who also feature some of the artists who are featured in this podcast. I'm happy to see that Seamus Kennedy and Syr are both performing at the Savannah Irish Festival. If you'd like to win some free tickets to the festival. Please subscribe to our Celtic Music Magazine. And make sure you check out the festival website.

If you have know of a smaller Celtic festival who could use our support, please contact me.

Hey! If you have a suggestion of a video, podcast, a festival, or something else I can share with our community, reply right now. Send me your offering to our Celts.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
January 31, 2019



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