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Here are several ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Ned of the Hill...
Lock in amazing, fun Celtic music from Ballinloch, Syncopaths, Sadie and Jay, Dram & Go, Catherine Koehler, Tami Curtis, The Whiskey Boys, West Awake, Van Morrison, Nick Metcalf, Finnegan's Hell, Talisk, Rambling Sailors. Give it a listen.

Ned of the Hill is apparently the Robin Hood of Ireland. Read about it on Wikipedia.

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What's Your Favorite Episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast?
Or for that matter, do you have a favorite format? I've tried a lot of different things over the years. The newest format is focused even more on the music so that this podcast can be backround music for your holiday festivities. The final episode of 2018 is coming next week. Subscribe now!

New Celtic Music...
New Celtic CDs from Irish Quartet, James Ruff, Ravens Three, Chanter, Guylan Seft, Tim O'Riordan, Charlie Abel, Valhalore, The McKrells, Quartermaster, The Lost Forty, and Ruby Harris Music. Find links here.

Is Frost the Snowman an Irish Song...?
I'm certain it is. It's super popular in Blarney. That's why I gave the story an Irish twist. See for yourself.

I Screwed Up... It's Gonna Hurt!
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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
December 4, 2018



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