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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are several ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Back to Loch Lomond...
By yon bonnie banks of Loch Lomond comes Celtic music from Dram & Go, The Fretless, Ed Miller, Hawp, Marc Gunn, Ballinloch, Dervish, Peat in the Creel, The Sandcarvers, Nick Metcalf, The Jackdaws, Jiggy, Sadie and Jay. Give it a listen.

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What's the difference between a reel and a jig?
The Gothard sisters have the answer in this YouTube video. It might help you remember. Watch it.

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New Celtic Music...
New Celtic CDs from Nick Metcalf, Cúig, Etnica, Michelle Amato, Rosalind McAllister & @Sarah Moore., Victor Johnson, Fra Sands, Mark C. Hiscock & Harry Hibbs, The Led Farmers, Salty Dogs, and Roland Karl Bryce. Find links here.

Let's Have a Celtic Christmas...
I have a new video up on YouTube to celebrate Christmas...Celtic-style. It's a song that was co-written with my friend Rie Sheridan Rose called "Let's Have a Celtic Christmas". Have you seen it yet?

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
November 29, 2018

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