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Here are several ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Stark Raving Charmas...
Listen to an entire album, from start to finish, by Charmas, a Celtic fusion group out of Santa Cruz, California. This band is gonna take you on a fun emotional ride full of awesome Celtic music. Give it a listen.

It is pretty incredible that a band would let me share their entire album. So if you enjoy the music, please buy it on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes or wherever you listen to the music. Just support the band, please.

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Celtfather Classics USB and Christmas Heartstring...
Christmas is almost here! Okay, it's not. I know, half of you poor souls don't want to hear any Christmas news, but it's relevant. So please pay attention, because we hit a new milestone recently. I'm gonna make a bonus episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. I started work on it this morning. But that's only half the news...

I also launched a limited-edition merch bundle in my store. Buy my Celtfather Classics USB. It holds 10 of my albums, several EPs, and a ton of bonus digital content. You'll get a Celtic podcast t-shirt and a copy of A Celtic Christmas, our compilation CD.

Coolest of all, you will get a unique Celtic Heartstring Christmas ornament. This ornament is made from the broken strings of my heart. I mean autoharp. Each one is handmade by me and 100% unique. It'll make a lovely addition to your Christmas tree.... next month. ;)

That's $70 of bonus gifts. SO worth it!

Erin's Isle Goes to Scotland...
Takin' it on the road!  This episode of Erin’s Isle is all about Scotland. From the Grand Central Hotel that has an amazing history of celebrity status, to Scotland’s National Piping Center, to visiting a Clyde Built Tall Ship. All that plus A Broad Abroad about Scottish Inventors….in Episode 18: More than plaid kilts and haggis. Listen.

New Celtic Music...
New Celtic CDs from Countercurrent, Iain Thomson - the singing shepherd & Marc Duff, The Reel Sisters, Sliotar, Dram & GO, Heather Dale, James MacLean, Highland Reign, The King's Busketeers, PolyCeltic, and Gerry O'Connor. Find links here.

Celtic Legend Supported
I'm so excited to have my first patrons to the new Celtic Legends tier on Patreon. They pledge $25 per month to support the podcast.

I want to remind my old Celtic Legends that you are still Legends in my eyes. So you don't need to make any changes. I will still thank you publicly as always (back next week). Thank you again!

We hit a new milestone this week. So I started work on the first Celtic Christmas Podcast of the season.

I also want to thank our newest Patrons of the Podcast: Martin K. and again to our new Celtic Legends, Scott Benson and Carol Baril.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
November 2, 2018



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