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Here are five ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Instrumental Celtic Music for Studying...
With school back in session, I thought the students listening might enjoy some instrumental Celtic music for studying. Less talk, more music from The Here & Now, The Fretless, The Rowan Tree, Moonrakers, Spencer & Beane, Across the Pond, David Pedrick, Tom Eure, Atlantic Wave, The Gothard Sisters, Wicked Tinkers, Heavy Blarney, Serious Kitchen, Susan Toman, Poitin, West of Eden.Give it a listen.

Star of the County Down...
I launched a new video show on YouTube this week. Each show will feature two songs, plus a wee bit o'news. I hope to include links to other videos on YouTube. The first show kicks off with me singing "Star of the County Down. Watch and subscribe!

Fiddle in the Windy City...
Irish Music Stories has a new podcast. This month, Shannon talks to fiddle player and composer Liz Carroll about how she has weathered different creative chapters of her life. Her thoughts—about appreciating different styles and savoring all the little moments—are an antidote to the frazzled, the doubters, the unsure. Listen.

New Celtic CDs from...
New CDs from Brett Lipshutz, RichPatrick Celtic Music, and Andrei Krylov & Lana Ross. Find links here.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
August 16, 2018

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