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Here are five ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Smoking Hot Celtic Punk...
Celtic Punk returns to the podcast with The Grinning Beggar hosting from Paddy Rock radio. Enjoy Celtic music from The Muckers, Sir Reg, Paddy And The Rats, The Killigans, The Mighty Regis, Fiddler's Green, Firkin, The Ramshackle Army, Medusa's Wake, The Real McKenzies, The Mahones, The Porters, Hoist the Colors, Mr. Irish Bastard, The Peelers, 1916, Kilmaine Saints. Give it a listen.

Get Shamrocked!
This year’s line-up of bands hand-picked to deliver a festival experience that only the Irish can create. Friday is a Celtic octane fueled night of rip-roaring high energy music, and Saturday combines Rock, Folk and Trad which makes for two days of pure Irish magic! Find out more here.

And on Kickstarter....
Arise & Go has a Kickstarter for their next album. Check it out!

New Celtic CDs from...
You'll find new albums from Pictus, The Boxty Gang, Jordan TW Trio, Andrei Krylov & Lana Ross Singer/Songwriter, and Helen Diamond. Find links here.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
July 12, 2018

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