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Here are five ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Stories Behind Irish Music...
Let's hear some of the stories behind Irish music with guest host Shannon Heaton who shares Celtic music and stories from Shannon Heaton, Matt Heaton, Cherish the Ladies, Jimmy Keane, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Ryan Beveridge, Solas, Fodhla, Emma Beaton & Nic Gareiss, Eileen Ivers, Laura Cortese, Dervish, George Keith, Liz Carroll. Give it a listen.

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I love hearing the stories behind the music. What Shannon Heaton is doing is just incredible! If this show appeals to you, I highly recommend that you go to and subscribe to her podcast.

Learn to Play a New Tune Every Month
Shannon also hosts a video series on YouTube that helps you learn to play traditional Irish tunes. Check it out!

New Celtic CDs from...
You'll find new albums from Lua, The Ennis Sisters, Kristin Aria Harpist, Martin Furey, Cabot's Crossing, Ronen sakal, Celtara, Cynthia Boener, Clover's Revenge, Harry Hibbs, Wooden Flute and Fiddle- Calum and Lauren, Valerio Vettori, and Eimear Arkins Music. Find links here.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
June 28, 2018

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