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Here are five ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Listen to Rainy Day Celtic Music--
There's nothing like dancing in the rain with awesome Celtic music. Do that this week with music from Dun Aengus, Na Rosai, Gwendolyn Snowdown, Breabach, Lunasa, Spirited Lads, Ginger Ackley, Moonrakers, IONA, Jim Sharkey, Colleen Raney, The High Kings, David Pedrick, Trinity River Whalers, Runa, The Gothard Sisters. Give it a listen.

Do bands get paid to be played podcast?
Joe Valdez asked me a question about how I find all the awesome bands I play in the show. I shared the video last week. I felt THIS question should be answered as well. Because artists featured in the podcast do not get paid to be played.

So if you enjoy the music you hear. Please support the artists. Buy their music. Follow them on Spotify. Sign up to their mailing lists. See them at shows.

Another way is to vote for them in the Celtic Top 20.

New Celtic CDs from...
You'll find new albums from Rúnfell, Qristina Brooke, The Good Girl: A Song Project, The Red Folks, Walking on air, Jeremy Finney, Fiddler, and Southwest Skye Pipes & Drums. Find links here.

Did you listen to last week's show?

It was a celebration of trees for Arbor Day.

Last week's podcast

What are you doing today while listening?
The easiest way to let me know is to email me right now. Send a comment or a picture of what your doing. You can also send a photo from one of your trips to a Celtic nation.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
May 3, 2018

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