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Here are five ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Listen to Tree-Friendly Celtic Music--
Trees are not only important to the Celts. They are important to all of humanity. They give us air to breathe. So this Arbor Day, I want to encourage you to plant a tree or take care of one tree in your town while you listen to tree-friendly Celtic music from Rattle the Knee, Anne Roos, Giant's Dance, Crepuscule, Slan, Michael Black, Dark Patrick, Nick Hennessey, Emerald Rose, Bag Haggis, Rathkeltair, Hair of the Dog, Bedlam. In fact, I'm pretty sure your tree will grow better with daily listens of Celtic music.

How do I find great Celtic music for the podcast?
Joe Valdez asked me that question. I answered it in a video on YouTube.

Once you find this great music, you have to support it. One way to do that is to vote in the Celtic Top 20 for your favorites.

New Celtic CDs from...
You'll find new albums from Markus Rüeger & GreenTrees, Charmas and Jill Larmer Music. Find links here.

Did you listen to last week's show?

Mountain Dew

What are you doing today while listening?
The easiest way to let me know is to email me right now. Send a comment or a picture of what your doing. You can also send a photo from one of your trips to a Celtic nation.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
April 27, 2018

PS. I want to send a special thanks to our newest Patrons of the Podcast: Tracy Beedy, Charles Hunt, Annie Moisan, Bridget Robertson, George James, Pamela Hajcak, Asa Swain. We are $16 away from a two-hour special on Celtic flute and whistle.

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