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One week to go until St. Patrick's Day! Wooh00!

Yesterday, I attended a meeting for the St Patrick's Day celebration in 5 Points here in Birmingham, Alabama. I am booked for four shows on the big day... my birthday... aka St. Patrick's Day. ;-)

The best part of the meeting was to meet up with Danny Winter. He's the owner of Brennan's Irish Pub. It just opened up a few months ago.

Brennan's is a beautiful pub. It has a modern look with a round bar and lots of open space and lighting. It feels like a warm, family-owned Irish pub. It was so nice, in fact, I called up Gwen and asked her to bring the kids down for dinner. My fish and chips were awesome. Gwen had the chicken curry, which was Yum tasty!

All in all, I was quite pleased with this beautiful contribution to Celtic culture in Birmingham. It makes me want to see if I could do a live Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, straight from the Pub. I'll have to talk to Danny about that.

In the meantime, I scheduled my first show for May 11th.

I am psyched to share with you the Best Celtic music of 2017 on this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, by YOUR VOTES. We have some great music for St Patrick's Day from The Selkie Girls, Bridgid's Cross, Jim Sharkey, Whalebone, Kilted Kings, Cormorant's Fancy, Colleen Raney, NUA, Ella, Beth Patterson, Ne'er Duwels, Acoustic Butterfly, Lady Moon, Coast, Secret Sky, Connemara Stone Company, Dom Duff, Tuatha Dea, Black 47, The Changing Room.

Listen, read and share the shownotes.

I gotta say, you picked well. These are the songs you voted for in the Celtic Top 20. Thank you so much for your votes. If you haven't voted in last week's show. Vote now!

If you're not yet getting the show as a podcast, subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Then post a rating and review. We have 599 right now. Surely, we can hit 600 in time for St Patrick's Day, right?!

My new CD is out! If you're a geek like I am and love the TV show Firefly, then check out the new album As Long As I'm Flyin'. You can get it at

Tonight is my Shiny St Patrick's Day CD Release Party. The show is free to watch on YouTube. I start broadcasting at 8 PM CST. I'll play some songs from the new album, plus a whole bunch of Irish songs for St. Patrick's Day.

Now's the time to get a Celtic shirt from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I have a whole bunch of "Kilted For Her Pleasure" shirts that you can get before St. Patrick's Day if you order soon.

Last week, I asked if you knew of any other Celtic bands on Patreon. Stephen Bernhardt was kind enough to respond. Check out and support these awesome artists.

If you know of someone I missed, please let me know.

What are your plans for St Patrick's Day. Drop me a line. And thank you so much for being a part of the Celtic community. Slainte!

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
March 8, 2018

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The Outsider: News from Nowhere
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A multi-movement suite based on William Morris's 'News from Nowhere' in a melodic and rhythmical fusion of folk, classical, world music and other styles.
Genre: World: Celtic
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Genre: Spiritual: Hymns
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by Paul M. Grove
A genuine and captivating album of acoustic-induced instrumental music, Snapdragon is an authentic reverie and a twirling frolic along a footpath of verdant, emerald imagination.
Genre: Folk: Progressive Folk
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Road Agents
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Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2018

Friends Old & New
by The Kilt Lifters
Contemporary Celtic rock arrangements of beloved traditional tunes for the modern era.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Fusion
Release Date: 2018

Tall Tales and Fond Farewells
by The Spirited Lads
A great album of upbeat and fun Irish drinking songs! Suitable for both fulltime and weekend Irish ;-) Recorded by Arizona's premier and funnest Irish Pub band and recommended by St. Patrick himself!! Tall Tales and Fond Farewells
Genre: Folk: Drinking Songs
Release Date: 2018

Jaunty Jigs & Rambling Reels
by Mad Jack of the Boneyard
A collection of traditional jigs and reels filtered through the fingers of two friendly Cornishmen. Folk with added crazy!
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2018

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