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I was not raised on Celtic music. For me, it was all Elvis Presley and my mom's 45s from the 50's. Then I moved on to 80's pop before I turned to Hard Rock and eventually Alternative music in the 90s. That's when I started forming bands.

By a weird twist of fate, I was invited to perform at a Renaissance festival. I put together a Celtic duo called the Brobdingnagian Bards. We quickly made our name for ourselves throughout Texas.

Not everyone was happy with us calling our music Celtic though. One traditional Irish musician sat me down at a pub to tell me what Celtic music REALLY was. At the time, I felt a bit insulted. Now I consider that moment a great gift. It led me to promote Celtic music in this newsletter and later in the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I shared the regular person's view of Celtic music. And it's grown by leaps and bounds.

So when a new listener said they were getting started with Celtic music, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my own view of indie Celtic music greats in a two-hour special, thanks to the recent Milestone Achievement on Patreon.

This week, you get awesome Celtic music from Jameson's Revenge, Poitin, Ed Miller, Cady Finlayson, The Elders, Mithril Duo, Jesse Ferguson, The Rogues, Rambling Sailors, Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones, Runa, We Banjo 3, The Ne'er Duwels, The Gothard Sisters, Rathkeltair, Wicked Tinkers, Ockham's Razor, House of Hamill, Cara Dillon, Oisin McAuley, Screeched Inn, The Flying Toads, The Selkie Girls, Three Mile Stone, Lothlorien, Battlefield Band, Banna De Dha, Thomas "Doc" Grauzer, Rise, Socks in the Frying Pan.

Listen and read the shownotes here to find quick links to all of the bands in this week's show.

I hope you find this the type of show that you will share with your friends so that they too can fall in love with Celtic music. Slainte!

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
November 16, 2017

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Syr Winter King

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Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck
by Caroline Keane & Tom Delany
Playing Irish traditional music on concertina and uilleann pipes, this young, energetic duo boasts musical expression beyond their years. Their playing stands as a powerful embodiment of tradition, coupled with sheer musical passion.
Genre: World: Celtic
Release Date: 2017

One Bottle More -
by Donal Hinely
Evoking the haunting Irish landscape like the soundtrack to a Coen brothers movie, songs of the great Irish bard O’Carolan are made new through interpretations on guitar, viola da gamba, harp, flute, and the singular sound of the glass harmonica.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2017

High Time
by Ciúnas
The Quintet spans an arc of filigree tunes from the 17th century on selected Irish/Scottish traditionals, as well as songs from the newer folk scene to expressive original songs.
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2017

Mockingbird Gallows
by Andrew D. Huber
Acoustic folk-rock with a Celtic twist.
Genre: Folk: Contemporary Celtic
Release Date: 2017

Favorite Sings of Ireland
by Jim Whitman
This is an album of all-time favorite Irish Ballads.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2017

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