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I love Halloween. I know Samhain is the origins, but I'm an American. I don't think I really knew what Samhain was until I started this podcast in 2005. But it wasn't a part of growing up for me. Halloween was.

Every year since my oldest daughter, Kenzie, was a child, we picked a theme for our family costumes. I'm sure one day that'll change. Happil,y it didn't this year. Kenzie picked something extra cool for this year's theme--Star Wars!

You've heard me say on the podcast, "I'm a Celtic and Geek musician". That's because I love science fiction. My music merges Celtic songs and melodies with sci fi fandom. It's like the Celtic version of Big Bang Theory. So I was psyched when Star Wars came up. I could finally get some Jedi robes that I can also wear at conventions. hehe.

Though I was raised a geek, I've embraced Celtic culture more and more as the years pass. I've heard the Celts say that heaven and earth are only three feet apart. In some places that distance is even thinner. Thus comes the idea of the Thin Veil, when life and death are closer. This happens on Halloween or as the Celts say Samhain.

The Thin Veil is the theme for this week's Celtic Halloween special. I picked songs and tunes which seemed to mix the supernatural with life and death. You'll enjoy music from Kiss the Mistress, Rattle the Knee, Heather Dale, Patrick D'Arcy, Chambless, Taylor and Muse, Nava, Crepuscule, Shillelagh, Marc Gunn, Bellow Bridge, Matt Hughes, Faerydae, Shillaly Brothers, Christine Weir.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
October 26, 2017

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