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I have to gush a moment. I got a call yesterday from a radio station in Arizona. They wanted to understand why and how I have been successful with music podcasting with all of the licensing problems involved. (You can read about that in our FAQ) At the end of the discussion, this station manager began raving about how professional the podcast sounded.

I have zero official radio experience. My show was designed off of my limited knowledge of music production, listening to the radio, and determining what I like and don’t like about radio. So to hear that I’m doing it right, and not just that, but making a professional sounding show, is just awesome to hear, especially from a radio station manager.

Best of all, I can continue to do things that most radio programs don’t, like play the top 20 songs from one of our patrons of the podcast. Stephen Bernhardt is another Patron of the Podcast who shared his top 20 songs featured on the show with awesome Celtic music from Tania Opland, Sligo Rags, The Wee Heavies, Celtic Stone, SeaStar, Serious Kitchen, Oona McOuat, George Murphy, Young Dubliners, New Shilling, Martyn Wylde, Emerald Rose, Willie McCullouch, Ockham's Razor, Susan Hamlin, Brobdingnagian Bards, Nick Hennessey, Jed Marum, Arthur Hinds, Sora.

Read the shownotes here.

I finished the basic itinerary for the Celtic Invasion of the Isle of Skye. It's not yet on the website. Hopefully, I'll get it up next week. But one person shared her travel thoughts about Skye. So I thought I'd ask you. Have you been to the Isle of Skye? What did you love? Dislike? What should we do? Just reply to the email with your thoughts.

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Did you listen to my interview with Dom Duff? It's on the Celtfather Music & Travel podcast, I host. You can also hear my thoughts on Hobbit Day tomorrow. Check 'em both out. Then subscribe to the show.

Finally, I am performing tonight on Concert Window. It's a free show. And I will be taking song requests. You can watch at 8 PM Central/9 PM Eastern. Click here to follow my channel.

Thanks as always for supporting the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Let's keep taking care of people be they Celts are not. It makes me happy that our community is kind and giving to all those who are less fortunate. Thank you for being you. Slainte!

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
September 21, 2017

I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK -- What are you doing today while listening to the podcast? You can send a written comment along with a picture of what you’re doing while listening, or from one of your trips to one of the Celtic nations. You can also post a comment on iTunes.

PS. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast exists on the generosity of our Patrons of the Podcast. You can pledge as little as $1 per episode to pay for the production of this podcast, as well as my time in producing the show. You'll even get shows before regular listeners and my deepest thanks. I want to thank our newest patron: Michael Cavanaugh.. Wanna enjoy another 2-hour episode of Celtic Rock? Become a patron today to celebrate Celtic culture through music!



Sept 23-24, 2017
Louisville Irish Festival
Bellarmine University
2001 Newburg Rd
Louisville, KY 40205


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