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Today's the day. I have a few hours til my flight leaves. So I thought I'd wish you a lovely couple o'weeks. I have TWO guest hosts lined up for the coming weeks: Steve Behrens of 67 Music and the Celtic Music Journal, like I mentioned last week, and Phil Duckworth, the Grinning Beggar of Paddy Rock Radio. Yup. After Steve's show, Phil will share with you some Celtic Punk! I'm excited to share both of these shows. So get ready for something different from your regularly scheduled podcasting. :)

In the meantime, enjoy Irish and Celtic music from Poor Man's Fortune, An Triur, Castlebay, Pipedance, Karan Casey, Burning Bridget Cleary, Abby Green, The Changing Room, Bridgid's Cross, John Byrne Band, Damanta, Paddy's Pig, Seagulls Are Drunk, Flook. Read the Shownotes.

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Liam of Crikwater let me know that all of the old banners that were linking to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast are now dead thanks to the server change a couple months back. My apologies. You can get newly updated graphics and links here.

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Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
June 1, 2017

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Sept 23-24, 2017
Louisville Irish Festival
Bellarmine University
2001 Newburg Rd
Louisville, KY 40205


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This Is the Corner of a Larger Field

Get weekly updates of newly released Celtic CDs right here in the Celtic Music Magazine. Share your #NewCelticCDs with this hashtag. New CDs from Lucas Nott, Merlyn Driver, and The Kindred Kilts.

Spring Walk
by Lucas Nott
Most of these songs are my own apart from two (Scarborough fair and Greensleeves) which are in the public domain.
Genre: World: Celtic
Release Date: 2017

This Is the Corner of a Larger Field
By Merlyn Driver
Debut EP by Merlyn Driver
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2017

The Kindred Kilts Live at Summer Crush Winery
by The Kindred Kilts
The Kindred Kilts Live St. Patrick's Day Performance!
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2017

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