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I wasn't sure I would get you an episode out this week. I picked up the Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus from my youngest daughter. My hands are filled with blisters. I was miserable until the doctor gave me a steriod shot this morning. I feel better now. But I'm only halfway done with the virus. Sigh.

On brighter news, today is the official release of Kilted Kings' new album, Name On My Soul. Kilted Kings is the band I started in 2015 with Randy Wothke of The Rogues on percussion. We called our music Heroic, Celtic World Music. It's fun stuff to sing with and even more fun to dance to. Our new album has already climbed to #14 on the iTunes World Music Charts.

Will you help us hit #1? Buy it today!

If you already own it, or you don't want the full album, you can always buy the single "Name On My Soul". Right now, it's not charting, but I'm still hopefull. Go buy it on iTunes right now! Then tell a friend for me. Pretty please! :)

No. Really... As my young plague-carryng daughter would say, "peeeeeasse"!

While you're at it, you can also pick up a copy of Andrew McKee's new album The Irish Bard. I love his new version of "Satisfied". Go buy the album on Bandcamp.

Enjoy this week, you'll enjoy great Celtic music from The Sorries, The Gothard Sister, Dublin Harpers, Kilted Kings, Abby Green, Colleen Raney and Colm Maccarthaigh, Rathkeltair, Tortoise and Hair, Hank Cramer, Poor Man's Fortune, Jamie Smith's MABON, The Killdares, The Elders, Ockham's Razor, Trip McCool. Shownotes at

Have a great week and keep sharing with your friends.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather
February 2, 2017

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A Celtic Christmas 
Buy Name On My Soul by Kilted Kings



You can find links to all of these bands on Facebook in our weekly Celtic Music News.

  • On February 9th Solas will be performing at The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, CA. Solas has announced that they're upcoming tour, February 19th - March 19th, will be their last for the foreseeable future. So make sure to make out to see them while you can.
  • Blarney Castle will be performing at Dalton Center, in Kalamazoo, MI, during the Battle of the Bands Finale. Congratulations also go out to Blarney Castle as they recently won first place for acoustic performance at the Kalamazoo Fretboard play-in Contest.
  • On February 19th We Banjo 3 will be playing at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, CA.
  • Ed Miller will be performing on the Celtic On the Caribbean 2017 February 12th - 19th. Along with Tullamore and Jed Marum Music.
  • Burning Bridget Cleary will be performing with Enter The Haggis at Rams Head On Stage, in Annapolis, MD on March 9th.
  • Chris Murphy Music will be performing at Finn McCool's - Santa Monica, in Santa Monica, CA, on February 22nd, for Crow Mountain Song Club. Check out his latest album, The Tinker’s Dream, on iTunes, SoundCloud or Bandcamp.
  • On September 2nd - 5th Andrew McKee and Marc Gunn will both be at Dragon Con. Also check out Andrew’s new album debuting on February 2nd.
  • On April 1st Black Market Haggiss will be performing at @stthomasepiscopalhsv in Huntsville, AL.
  • Check out Battlelegs Patreon.
  • On March 17th Blackstone Cúil - Contemporary Celtic Folk will be performing at the City Hall in Worcester, MA.
  • On February 10th The Brazen Heads will be playing at Fibber Magees Irish Pub.
  • On March 18th Booze Brothers will be performing at @Boite En Zinc in Chanteix, France.



Find the complete list of new Celtic CDs on Facebook each and every week.

by Atlantic Union
This is the third album by the Newfoundland trio Atlantic Union. It features Jane Ogilvie on Celtic harp and accordion, the gorgeous singing of Sally Goddard, original songs and accompaniment by Dan Rubin on violin, viola, bouzouki, dulcimer & guitar.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2017

The Other Side
by Adaya
Psychedelic Folk with Celtic Influences.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2017

Someday I Will
by Lucid
Our first EP with a combination of folk and singer songwriter music.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2017

The Tinker's Dream
by Chris Murphy
A Celtic Rock album that provides a stellar musical landscape for thousands of those ephemeral moments, and so much more.
Genre: Rock: Celtic Rock
Release Date: 2016
Attn Bands: Go to to submit your band to the podcast



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