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This coming week on the podcast, I picked a few favorite bands that I haven't featured in a while: Ockham's Razor, Poitin, and Jesse Ferguson. I got a bunch of feedback this week from the show. People are loving the podcast. And I thank you for being a part of the music.

If you live in California and are looking for a kilt, I found a great site. Off Kilter Kilts is a new store in Pasadena, California that caters to the modern kilted gentleman (and lady). They offer the unique experience of being able to try on and compare kilts from multiple different brands before you buy. They carry both modern utility kilts and ready-to-wear tartans, as well as a wide selection of kilting accessories. Customers can also shop our large collection of Irish, Celtic, and Faire music – with more artists being added all the time. For more information, go to their website

I was also contacted about a new Celtic radio station. officially launched on Oct. 1st. One of their stations is Celt103, a station playing Celtic music 24 hours a day. Bill and Kat are always looking for new music to add to the library and love making new music from Indie artists available to their listeners. Bill would love to add a nightly segment that plays Celtic music of the 'harder' variety, ie. Flogging Molly, Black 47, etc. Bands can reach out via email for information on how to get their music to to the network.

Thanks for supporting indie Celtic music.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather




From traditional Irish music to rockin’ Celtic Rock, you’re gonna love watching the sun set with indie Celtic music from Patsy O’Brien, Poitin, Jesse Ferguson, The Bordercollies, Emerald Accent, Smithfield Fair, Celtic Shores, Fiddlina, The Flying Toads, Bill Grogan’s Goat, Charm City Saints, The Led Farmers, Ockham’s Razor, The Duplets.

Leave a voicemail. Call 678-235-8763 or record an MP3 on your phone and email it to me at And of course you can always post a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

Remember. Cast your vote in the Celtic Top 20 for shows January to September.



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Because of YOU, this coming week, you will enjoy 2 hours of awesom fiddle music.

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Every Wednesday, I release my full list of New Celtic CDs that are out this week. You can find the complete list on our website at Take a moment and listen to my Top 4 Picks.

tartanic - uncensored volume 4

Uncensored Volume IV: Space City Comic Con
by Tartanic
Live authorized bootleg of 2014 & 2015 Space City Comic Con in Texas.
Genre: World: Celtic
Release Date: 2015

Play Nice
by The Blarneygirls
Neo-trad Celtic music with folk influences from around the world with an original twist, making each song their own. Soaring soprano voices, world class fiddle with solid guitar, bass, bouzouki and bodhran backing and creative arrangements of old and new.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2015

Andata e ritorno
by Giandil
A musical journey inspired by Tolkien's novel "The Hobbit". A meeting with dwarves, elves, men and magicians, looking for a treasure across lands that reveal actual and undeniable natural beauty.
Genre: Folk: Gentle
Release Date: 2015

The Space Between
by Antara
An exploration of the space between Irish traditional and Indian Classical music
Genre: Folk: Irish Contemporary
Release Date: 2015


October 20, 2015


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