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Greetings my friends

The summer is officially over for kids everywhere. I had a wonderful time this summer with my own wee bairns, but I'm super excited that Kenzie is going back to school. It means I may actually have time to get more done that work on the latest edition of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

I'm a Celtic musician, remember? And my list of Things to Do has grown beyond belief!

Last week, I posted the first itinerary for my Celtic Invasion of Camelot... I mean Cornwall in 2016. You can read it here and listen right here. I am now accepting applications and deposits. You can reserve your spot now. I already have three people signed up. W00T!

Do you know any great bagpipe bands or musicians who have NOT been featured on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast? Please email me their names and any info you have on them. I'd like to get them on the next two-hour Bagpipe music special in a few weeks. All types of bagpipes are accepted.

Finally, there's a few new Celtic Kickstarters that are up that I'm excited about. Make sure you check 'em out and throw your support for indie Celtic music.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather




We’re back to regular episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast after two weeks of special editions. While looking for songs for the ten year Celtic music retrospective, I couldn’t find some Celtic MP3s that I played on this show. So I dug into my portable hard drive to find a whole bunch of MP3s I forgot to transfer back to my computer when I was updating my system years ago. So you’ll enjoy a flashback of Siren’s Song, a band I haven’t played in a long time. Plus, great indie Celtic music from Keelhaul, Colin Farrell, Barrowburn, Kevin Behan, Siren’s Song, Cele De, Danny Carthy, Noirin Ni Riain, Sanctuary, Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen, Heather Dale, Iarla O’Lionaird, The Clanns, The Mighty Regis, Mwnci Nel, Liz Madden.

Leave a voicemail. Call 678-235-8763 or record an MP3 on your phone and email it to me at And of course you can always post a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

Remember. Cast your vote in the Celtic Top 20. You can vote for shows from January to June.



Why Should I, Abby Green's 3rd CD
We have paid for the printing! Let's go for the STRETCH GOAL of $5000 - publicity to play in a venue NEAR YOU!!!!!

Children's Books in Irish/English (Dual Language)
I want to create a children's book range in a dual language format, in both English and Irish to promote the Irish language.

Maria Jones records her first Scottish fiddle album
Maria Jones records her debut album of Scottish fiddle music with Brittany Haas, Natalie Haas, and Jenna Moynihan.

The John Byrne Band - The Immigrant and the Orphan
Born in Dublin, calling Philly home; and preparing my 3rd record of Americana/Celtic influenced songs - Help us cross the finish line!

Burning Bridget Cleary - These Are The Days
These Are The Days - a new album from Burning Bridget Cleary about living in the moment and enjoying every day! : 2015



August 11, 2015


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