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Greetings my friends

I want to thank everyone who made the Celtic Music Challenge a HUGE hit last week. Show #217 features three hours of Celtic music with some of the top voted songs of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast over the last ten years. It was a huge challenge to cut over ten hours of music down to three, but I did it. I also snuck in a handful of the over 70 voicemails I received telling me how much you love podcast.

I had so many voicemails, in fact, that I decided to continue the retrospective in this week's show (out on Thursday). It's a bit over an hour and features nearly a dozen songs, PLUS all of the rest of the voicemails that did not make it to show #217.

Thank you SO much for your awesome comments. Your passion was inspiring to me. It's wonderful to hear all of the people who love this show so much. Thank you!

In addition to a three hour show and ton of voicemails, we also raised a bunch of money on Patreon. Right now, we are $1 per episode away from a 2-Hour Bagpipe music show. Special thanks to my Celtic Superstars: Theresa Sullivan, Wesley Dunnington, Anna Cylkowski, Brendan Nix, John Bilderback, Brakeing Down Security Podcast, Rian P Kegerreis, Steven, Samual Hill, Johnny Berry, Shawn Cali. With any luck, we will have one of those shows in the weeks to come. You can help by becoming a Patron of the Podcast today: celticmusicpodcast.com/patreon.

Thank you again for all your incredible support of Celtic music.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather




I hope you will celebrate your love of Celtic music with me and these amazing Celtic bands with music from The Tea Merchants, Heather Alexander, The McDades, Colleen Raney & Colm MacCarthaigh, Jamie Laval and Ashley Broder, Clandestine, Athas, Sligo Rags, Navan, Jimi McRae And Sam Okoo, Heather Dale, Hawp, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Round the House in the first hour.

You’ll hear The Elders, Mary Knickle, Kennedy’s Kitchen, Tara MacKenzie, Fiddler’s Green, Rising Gael, Rambling Sailors, Bow Triplets, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Poitin, Ockham’s Razor, Gwilym Morus, LabGraal, The Selkie Girls in the second hour. Then we’ll finish the show with Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones, Maidens IV, The Gothard Sisters, The Killdares, Tullamore, Marc Gunn, Across the Pond, Anne Roos, Holly Kirby, Molly Bauckham, Tallymoore, Samantha Gillogly & Tim Maurice, Stout Pounders, Rathkeltair, Black 47, The Rogues, Flashpoint.

Find out more at celticmusicpodcast.com/217.

You can leave a voicemail comment to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. Call 678-235-8763 or record an MP3 on your phone and email it to me at celticpodcast@gmail.com. And of course you can always post a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

Remember. Cast your vote in the Celtic Top 20. You can vote for shows from January to June.



Sligo Rags - If the Skies Be Ablaze

If the Skies Be Ablaze
by Sligo Rags
An eclectic blend of musical elements that is sure to satisfy all musical palates, this collection combines Celtic, Bluegrass, and Gypsy Jazz influences to create a listening experience like no other. "A One-Band Music Festival."
Genre: Folk: Celtic Fusion
Release Date: 2015

by Sky and Bette Korber
A mix of traditional Irish and Scottish and contemporary folk from the high desert country of Northern New Mexico. Fiddle, whistle, drum, guitar, and song.
Genre: World: Celtic
Release Date: 2015

Blackstone Cúil
by Blackstone Cuil
Debut album; a new genre coined Irish Mod & More; smart, exciting arrangements of traditional and contemporary songs, and original music that will become your favorites.
Genre: World: Celtic
Release Date: 2015

The White Road West
by Jake Walton
'The White Road West' is my definitive collection of songs and tunes that defines the message I try to put across regarding Celtic imagery, legend and spirituality, punctuated by images of nature and the beauty of the wild.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2015



July 28, 2015


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