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Greetings my friends

When I setup the Celtic Music Challenge two weeks back, I asked people to make a pledge to the podcast through Patreon and then to call the podcast and leave a voicemail wishing us all a Happy 10 Year Anniversary. I asked for 30 of those voicemails. Almost immediately after I hit 'publish', I started to worry that I was asking too much. And maybe I did...?

I just counted all of the voicemails this morning. Today is the LAST DAY of the Celtic Music Challenge. We are at TWENTY SEVEN voicemails. Wow! So close. But I'll be honest, I wasn't sure I was gonna get THIS far.

Today is the very last day you can call in your voicemail message and your congrats. Today will decide if you get a two hour or THREE HOUR episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast this Thursday.

It's super easy to do. You probably have a phone. There's an audio record feature. You can use that to record your congrats and send it to celticpodcast@gmail.com. Or if you'd rather just call 678-CELT-POD (that's 678-235-8763) to leave a voicemail message, that works too. I'd love to hear more of my listeners around the globe. But everyone is welcome. I just need THREE more voicemails.  And time is running out!

You can still become a Patron of the Podcast too. Every dollar pledged will help support the creation and promotion of this podcast. And now 10% will go back to the Celtic community.

It's a Win-Win-Win. You get an awesome show of Celtic music each and every week, and I am financially able to keep bringing it to you, and we both help promote Celtic culture.

Special thanks to Jose, Joan, Erin, Wolfgang, Joseph, and Sonya our newest patrons! And a HUGE thanks to Brendan Nix. These awesome folks are our latest patrons.

Please make a dollar donation. That's less than a Starbucks latte each month. And it means the world to me and my family. Become a Patron of the Podcast today!

And thank you for sharing in your love of Celtic music with me.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather




There’s nothing sleepy about this week’s show. There’s just a ton of great indie Celtic music from The Brayzen Heads, The Tea Merchants, Rambling Sailors, The Gothard Sisters, Slan, Gerry O’Beirne & Rosie Shipley, Mason Brown, Cady Finlayson, Jasper Coal, Arthur Hinds, Connemara Stone Company, The Demon Barbers, Marc Gunn.

Find out more at celticmusicpodcast.com/216

You can leave a voicemail comment to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. Call 678-235-8763 or record an MP3 on your phone and email it to me at celticpodcast@gmail.com. And of course you can always post a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

Remember. Cast your vote in the Celtic Top 20. You can vote for shows from January to June.


July 21, 2015


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