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Greetings my friends

It's late as I write this. My daughter Inara is sleeping downstairs in my office as I write. I think I have a schedule that will get you shows each week until August when Kenzie goes back to daycare. That's good news for you because, with any luck, I'll keep releasing new episodes of the podcast every Thursday as planned. I even hope to get this newsletter out on time.

Speaking of the Celtic Music Magazine. You'll note that I changed the date of release. I'm trying out different days of the week to see when you are most likely to read it. My goal of course is to get the most engagement out of it. That means, I want to hear your thoughts and comments. I want you to listen to the newsletter. I want you to be a part of our Celtic community.

So post a comment in this week's shownotes, on our Facebook page, or even in out brand new Facebook community group.

If you're looking for another way to be a part of the community, remember that July 28th is our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

I started the show in 2005. I really want to include you in that show. So do me a favor, record an MP3 congratulating the show on ten years OR call 678-CELT-POD (that's 678-235-8763) and do the same. I'd love to hear...

- How did you find the podcast?
- When did you start listening?
- What are your favorite bands you've found in the show?
- What are your favorite episodes?
- Where have you listened to the podcast?

Any and all comments are acceptable. I just want to hear from you.

Now I want to issue a Celtic Music Challenge...

If we can hit our next Milestone on Patreon before July 21st
AND if we can get 30 voicemail comments,

Then that Two Hour Special will turn into a THREE HOUR RETROSPECTIVE featuring some of the best music that you've found in this podcast over the last ten years.

What do you think about that?!

Are you ready for a mind-blowing show with all our comments? Will you help me make it happen?

Make a pledge then call 678-235-8763

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather




Looks like you lucked out once again with another weekly episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast featuring indie Celtic music from Boston Blackthorne, Buzz Turner, Jil Chambless, Scott Hoye, Headland, Haggis Rampant, Kyle Carey, The Gas Men, Shamus O’Blivion, Eilis Crean, The Canny Brothers Band, Raymond McCullough, Marys Lane, The Shams.

Find out more at

You can leave a voicemail comment to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. Call 678-235-8763 or record an MP3 on your phone and email it to me at celticpodcast@gmail.com. And of course you can always post a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

Remember. Cast your vote for your favorite songs in February, March, and April.



We are getting closer than ever to our next Milestone. Right now, we have 87 people donating over $236 per episode of the show. Thanks to our newest Patrons: David and Angela. If we can just get a few more donations, we'll hit the $250 Milestone, and I'll record another two-hour episode of awesome Celtic music. As an added bonus, I will donate 10% of the money to Celtic non-profits.

Become a Patron of the Podcast today!



Tuatha de Danann - Dawn of a New Sun

Dawn of a New Sun
by Tuatha De Danann
One of the oldest folk metal bands on their new album- Folk Metal Extravanza! A Perfect blend of Irish Traditional Music, Heavy Metal and Rock´n´Roll …
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2015

Dancing Fingers
by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley
What a recording! This is the very first album of Wrigley Sisters from Orkney. They were just 16 when they recorded this album but their playing on it is as mature as that on the latest one “Idiom”.
Genre: Folk: Scottish Traditional
Release Date: 2014

Elf King’s Horn
by Ginger Ackley
The world of Faerie comes to life with original songs that feel both ancient and new. Autoharp, penny whistle and vocals combine with guitar and violin to transport you into another place!
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2015

Gotta Dance!
by Reel of Seven
We are truly honored to have so many enthusiastic fans worldwide who have asked for this, our third recording…we hope you enjoy our signature blend of traditional and modern music for Scottish Country Dancing as much as we enjoy playing it!
Genre: Folk: Scottish Traditional
Release Date: 2015

by Dale and Darcy
A lively collection of Irish Aires, jigs ,and reels that will have you tapping your feet and wanting to dance.
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2015


July 7, 2015


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