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If "uisce beatha" means "water of life", I think "Celtic music" means "sound of life". That's how I felt listening to Poitin's album Wish this week. The music filled me with energy and got my toes a tapping. It also left me with longing for Donegal. Sigh...

One of the many things I loved about this year's Celtic Invasion Vacation was joining Derek Vial of Tour Donegal. Derek grew up in Killybegs. He loves his Donegal home and took us on a drive around the countryside. Our first stop was some waterfalls. What is about waterfalls that make people smile?

Who doesn't love a good waterfall. Apparently there are bunch in southwest Donegal. We only saw one on our tour with Derek Vial of Tour Donegal. This one was beautiful and surrounded by a gorgeous bay of water. #donegal #Ireland #celticinvasion

This waterfall was just the beginning. The trip to Maghera Sea Caves was particularly awesome. I'll share a picture of that next week. I also have an incredible interview with Derek coming soon.

In the meantime, show #213 is now online. The show has three tracks with Uilleann Pipes in it. I can't explain how incredible that is. I really don't have enough songs with uilleann pipes in them. So I guess you could sorta call this a special feature. :/

Yesterday, I also published my first episode of The Celtfather in a while. It has a short feature on Connemara Stone Company. But mostly, it will update you on ALL the things that are happening with me right now. Give it a listen at

Just one month to go until the 10th anniversary of the podcast. Join the podcast facebook group and help promote the show this summer. Listen to the end for extra tips on how to promote it.

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I don’t have enough uilleann pipe music in my iTunes. So I was a bit surprised when I picked music for this week’s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and heard three different uillieann pipers in the set. Enjoy the great indie Celtic music from Rachel Hair Trio, Patrick D’Arcy, The Gothard Sisters, Jim McKenna, Bard & Company, Eddie Biggins, Giant’s Dance, The Beer Mats, Heather Dale, Full Circle, Neil Anderson, Celtic Cross, The Ne’er Duwels, Steel Clover.

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Sportive Tricks - Tricks Up Our Sleeves

Tricks Up Our Sleeves
by Sportive Tricks
Inspired by the rich traditions of Irish, Scottish, & English folk, Cape Breton music, and sea shanties; Sportive Tricks combines traditional instruments with new arrangements, high energy, and a dash of humor for a foot tapping, hand clapping good time.
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2015

The Love Token
by Macdara
Sean nós, Traditional Irish music, Celtic, Folk, World music, Modern Celtic, Catchy.
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2006

The Fire
by Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer
Showcasing a captivating diversity of instruments and regional styles, this album adds contemporary innovative spirit to the ancient roots of Scotland’s fiddle and bagpipe traditions.
Genre: Folk: Scottish Traditional
Release Date: 2015

Song Brook
by Brendan Nolan
There is something for everyone on this 15-track CD. An album of Irish, Scottish and Celtic stylings that run the gamut from the comical, “Bottle O’ the Best” and “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing” to the beautiful ‘Icarus” and gentle story-song “Dan O’Hara.
Genre: Folk: Traditional Folk
Release Date: 2007


June 30, 2015


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