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206 Galician Music


My friend Evo Terra is currently traveling in Galicia and sharing his time there through The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast. What a great opportunity to explore Galician music. Enjoy some awesome Irish Celtic music from Spain featuring Iona, Clandestine, Heather Dale, Mithril, Na-mara, The Barra MacNeils, Faitissa, Cluan, Lume de Biqueira, Lochlainn, Friday’s Frolics.

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If you missed last week's show...

It was an Earth Day special celebrating our planet with some great indie Celtic music from Bruce Boyd, Naomi’s Fancy, Karan Casey, NightinGael, Jed Marum, Dene Foye, Anne Roos, Bedlam, Michael Black, The Indulgers, Emerald Rose, Mater Dea, Lexington Field, Trip McCool, Runa.

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Lume De Biqueira - Manana Mas
Mañana Mas
by Lume de Biqueira
Música Folk Celta, basada en la gaita gallega, pero con arreglos para guitarra acústica, bajo eléctrico, txalaparta, cajón flamenco, e incluye música clásica, aires brasileños y alegría, mucha alegría.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Fusion
Release Date: 2007

by The Brayzen Heads
The Brayzen Heads play Irish Traditional music, Songs and Ballads.
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2014

Caitlín & Ciarán
by Caitlín & Ciarán
Irish Fiddle, Concertina and Dance music played by musicians at the top of their game. From fast and furious reels to airs that tug at the heartstrings to marches into battle, this CD by Caitlín & Ciarán covers the wide breadth of Irish traditional music.
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2015

Drink to a Friend
by Four Pints Shy
A mix of mostly Irish Music with some Americana and other Trad thrown in for good measure. Instrumentation includes Accordion, Banjo, Bodhran, Bouzouki, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Strumstick, Whistle, Bass, and Vocals.
Genre: Folk: Irish Traditional
Release Date: 2012


May 2, 2015


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